News and Notes


3/27/13... the 3-D lyrics video for our first next "What Aren't We Going To Do" is dropping tonight on YouTube. Check it out!


3/26/13 We are excited to announce the first single off of our next record is new song called "What Aren't We Going To Do." It has been scheduled for release on April 23rd only on iTunes.


1/4/13 ..Hard at work on finishing the next LP record titled "Lights and Action" ...Stay tuned kids...


10/01/12 We are honored to be on the first round ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards that will take place on February 10th, 2013 in Los Angeles. If you are an Academy member, please consider our album "Across the Land."


8/03/12 Pre-order for "Across the Land" on iTunes today. The album will be released on iTunes on September 5th with a bonus remix of "Wherever You Are." Preview the song on iTunes today. It's called "Wherever You Are -Tracter A. Remix"


6/20/12 Drop us a line on Facebook! We'd love to hear from you!


5/25/12 Happy to announce that Ember Fx will be making a special effects music video for our new unreleased song "Adore You" to be directed by visual effects artist and filmmaker Andrew Lewitin. Andrew's credits include visual effects for movies "Knight and Day" (starring Tom Cruise) and "The Watch" (starring Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughan, and Ben Stiller). Auditions and filming for this video will begin in June.


5/05/12 Check out Ember Fx Live at the OC Fair video posted on YouTube


3/01/12 -Check out the music video for our song "Gravel" only on YouTube.


1/01/12 Just started work on our 2nd album that will be titled "Lights and Action" to be released late in 2012 or early 2013.


11/02/11 Excited to announce that LP for Across the Land will be released on CD during the summer of 2012.


7/28/11 Great to see all of you that came out yesterday to the OC Fair. It was a beatiful day!


7/01/11 We are excited to announce that we will play a full set of songs at the OC Fair on July 27, 2011, in Orange County,

California. Check our Tour page for more information.


5/20/11 Show added for Ember Fx to play a full set of music at Club 1616 in Los Angeles on June 30th in Los Angeles.


3/20/11 Show added for Ember Fx to play Planet LA Records' Tsunami Relief concert on April 30th in Hollywood. See Tour

page for more info.


11/10/10 Ember Fx is mastering Across the Land with Mastering Engineer Dr. MP


9/25/10 - Ember Fx to release an EP album with ''Across the Land" as the title track.


4/16/10 - Check out the new video for "Gravel" only on YouTube.