Ember Fx was created when singer/songwriter Michael Berns, found himself late nights in the recording studio experimenting with cool vintage keyboards he had collected over the years. He knew he had to do something special with all these electronic sounds he could only describe as "ear candy."

Inspired by artists like The Postal Service, Depeche Mode, Air, and the Beatles, Michael

is now diligently using a new palette of sounds to craft songs that push boundaries and raise eyebrows in the genre of alternative electronic music. He says his main goal with Ember Fx is to "take listeners to a new place where they get lost in a soundscape they’ve never heard before." In fact, the theme of the first full-length Ember Fx release seems to be a kind of musical journey through space and emotion. Songs like the title track "Across the Land," "San Francisco," and "Wherever You Are" move the listener through physical places while at the same time underscore how music extends regardless of place ("...the beat will find you near or far....").

Creatively, working on Ember Fx was a new experience in a number of ways for Michael. Although he'd always been accustomed to the standard drums/bass/guitar setup, he realized it was somewhat limited. By "going electronic," Michael found the different possibilities and permutations of musical thoughts to be infinite. Such possibilities are heard directly on a song like "Wherever You Are," where real sounds of violins are juxtaposed with electronic sounds, all coming together in a hyped-up mini electro symphony.

On another level, Ember Fx is more personal for Michael artistically, than his previous projects or bands. The lack of typical "rock" instruments means fewer musicians in the recording studio and on stage. The recording process for "Across the Land" was therefore basically a solo effort (with a few notable guest appearances). Nevertheless, Michael liked having complete authorship over all the different parts of the songs. "The final product is ultimately a complete vision, which I believe helps you connect with the listener even more." The band name Ember Fx is actually a play on this solo aspect. Ember is taken from "M. Berns," while the Fx directly refers to the electronic "effects" that figure so heavily in the sound.

Ember Fx's first full length album "Across the Land" is available only on iTunes in a limited release.


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